Tips for Managing Children’s Apple Devices

Parenting gives you no shortage of things to worry about for your children, and technology is no exception. The digital world is as commonplace at school and daycare as it is at home. Children are alone with technology from a very young age. You’ll want to make sure your children are safe online, aren’t misusing apps, and aren’t making accidental in-app purchases. You’ll also want to make sure your child stays engaged with the world around them. And on top of all that, you don’t want to worry about them breaking an expensive device. Here are a few tips on managing your children’s digital devices.

iCloud Family Sharing

Family Sharing makes it super easy to share apps and iTunes purchases, iCloud storage, and more with up to 5 other family members. It also allows you to create iCloud accounts for children under 13 that are completely managed by you. Family Sharing is a must because it allows you to keep track of all app purchases made on your children’s devices. If your child wants to make a purchase, a notification will be sent to your phone automatically allowing you to confirm or deny the request immediately. With iOS 12, Family Sharing also allows you to track your children’s Screen Time with a weekly report.

Limit Screen Time

Technology shouldn’t consume the entire day. With iOS 12 and Family Sharing, you can view how long your children are using their devices and limit individual apps or categories of apps, all from your own iPhone in the Screen Time settings. You can set a limit on how long your children can play games, or how long they can use their iPhone or iPad entirely. You can even ensure the apps shut off at bed time.

Enable Parental Controls

Content Blocking on iOS 12 allows you to restrict the websites your child visit, the settings they can change, the content they can view, the apps they can use, and much more. Enabling Content Blocking is a great way to keep your children safe. Teach your children about online safety, and find fun apps that will help them learn while they use their devices.

Purchase a Pre-Owned Device

Purchasing a pre-owned iPhone or iPad lets your budget stretch further, and purchasing from a reputable company like Experimax gives you the same benefits you expect from a brand-new device: a 1-year warranty and excellent technical support. The friendly staff at Experimax Coon Rapids can set your family up with fantastic devices, help you enable all the features mentioned in this article, and teach you anything else you would like to know!