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Jonah Aragon is a content creator and digital rights advocate focused on helping people develop sustainable ways to interact with technology and protect themselves online. Through his work on the Techlore YouTube channel, and as the founder of Privacy Guides, Jonah strives to empower people to take control over their digital data and identity, and feel safe using technology in their daily lives.

You can find Jonah online during episodes of the Techlore Talks podcast he co-hosts, on Techlore’s regular livestreams, and through his open-source work on GitHub.

Jan 14, 2020

Why You Need a Solid State Drive

Everything on your computer — your photos and documents, the programs you use, and even the operating system itself — is stored on your hard drive. If your hard drive is too slow, you get frustrated when your computer and programs take multiple seconds or minutes to open completely. For many users, a slow hard drive affects performance more obviously than any other component. Luckily, there is a solution: a Solid State Drive (SSD)....

Jan 8, 2020

Keep Your Data Safe With Time Machine

Everyone has important digital files these days. Maybe your family photo albums are stored on your computer, or you have important documents you need in order to keep track of your finances or run your business. Whatever the case may be, that data is important and it would be devastating to lose. Hard drives — even SSDs — fail all the time, sometimes even out of the blue. A good backup routine is the most important thing you can do to keep those files safe....

Jan 7, 2020

Tips for Managing Children’s Apple Devices

Parenting gives you no shortage of things to worry about for your children, and technology is no exception. The digital world is as commonplace at school and daycare as it is at home. Children are alone with technology from a very young age. You’ll want to make sure your children are safe online, aren’t misusing apps, and aren’t making accidental in-app purchases. You’ll also want to make sure your child stays engaged with the world around them....

Nov 20, 2019

The Trouble with VPN and Privacy Review Sites

There’s a massive problem in the privacy world. Websites, social media accounts, and other platforms are constantly popping up out of nowhere, telling you to buy The Greatest Service Ever in order to solve all your privacy woes, whatever that may be. These websites often employ marketing teams to make sure their “reviews” are what you see first when you begin your research. Some of them are even operated by VPN providers themselves, operating under anonymous business entities to hide their bias, or doing it right out in the open, hoping you’ll mistake their advertising-filled press releases and blogs as insider knowledge of the VPN space....

Oct 30, 2019

Choosing a VPN

So you know what a VPN is, but there are so many options to choose from! Well before we dive into this, let’s get one thing off the bat: Avoid Free VPNs Privacy-respecting VPNs can provide their service because you pay them for it. Free VPNs are worse than your ISP when it comes to respecting your privacy, because selling your data is the only way they can make money, whereas an ISP is primarily paid for by you....

Oct 5, 2019

Understanding VPNs

A VPN — or Virtual Private Network — is a tool that secures your internet connection from attackers on your network. But before I explain how that all works, let’s talk about the internet without them. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see everything you do online. Well, nearly everything: When websites use HTTPS (or TLS, or SSL. these terms are often used interchangeably when referring to website encryption), indicated by the padlock in your web browser, your ISP cannot see exactly what you’re doing on the website....

Sep 1, 2019

Thoughts on Apple's Independent Repair Provider Program

I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming. On August 29th, 2019, Apple announced they would begin not only selling original OEM parts to independent repair businesses, but also provide them with the tools, guides, training, and diagnostics required to complete repairs on out of warranty iPhones. This is great news. It’s a surprising turn of events from a company that has spent years lobbying against Right to Repair bills across the nation....

Aug 22, 2019

Self-hosting a Shadowsocks VPN with Outline

Outline is a suite of open-source software developed for journalists to safely access their network and the internet while traveling in countries where their activities may be monitored or censored. Despite this, the Outline platform is ideal for a wide range of users, especially less technical users, and users in censored countries like China who may have little to no knowledge about how VPNs or proxies work. Outline consists of two parts, the Outline Manager and Outline Clients....