Contact Me

Contact me

The best way to get in touch with me is via email at [email protected].

Instant messaging

I am not generally available via IM and will likely not respond to any message requests in a timely manner, but if you do receive a message from me, I use the following accounts:

  • Signal: @jonah.01
  • Matrix:
  • SimpleX: QR Code
  • iMessage: My public verification code is APKTID2n1WVYFiR3FuzlTrWYsO_v0kJ6EWGkNbwXQBjm3vMINpZA. You can add it to my contact card on your iPhone by editing my contact in the Contacts app, and selecting add verification code towards the bottom of the editor.

If you receive a message claiming to be me from an account not listed here, please email me to confirm that account’s identity.

Social media


My personal projects are hosted on

Most of my public contributions and discussions for various open source projects, including Privacy Guides, can be found on my GitHub profile.

I currently sign my Git commits with SSH:

ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIJUp+Gi8ZpTDDbZC+GY+3QnFfxkI9rAu07bceyoHDp9O

Fingerprint: SHA256:oJSBSFgpWl4g+IwjL96Ya8ocGfI7r6VKnQw+257pZZ0

I previously signed commits with the GPG key 6325C3370B70177138ABF3086A957C9A9A9429F7.


You may send me an encrypted email via PGP. You should not rely on this for serious communication: I store my secret key on multiple devices and no longer utilize hardware keys for convenience’s sake. Email is also inherently neither secure nor private by design, and PGP does not change that. You may email me at your own risk, but you should message me on Matrix or Signal instead.

My public key for most of my email addresses is 3E98167560BD65BCAFDC167075437E0B682D1FED. I do not distribute my full public key to avoid sharing my email addresses, and if you have a more complete version of this public key I would kindly ask you to not upload it to a public key server. If you know my email address, you can obtain my public key via WKD, or you can ask me for a copy.

If you use this key, please email me with Inline PGP instead of PGP/MIME (unless you are sending an attachment) because it is more compatible with the mobile clients I use. Otherwise, if you send me a PGP/MIME encrypted message you may have to wait until I return to my desk.

My Proton Mail account will not decrypt messages using the key above, and instead uses a variety of Proton-managed keys depending on the address, including:

  • 6bce5ff2d7dbd71383c0cf82a48269eea7d2b037
  • f7da647d0bc2f586a7abf8ffc309038e9452c6c6
  • 55dc5d132a1c5a084725690764c0f0c859a2d781
  • b6afabbae12fc8fffecc5c83a3180ab6934e8c53

Again, you may obtain these keys via WKD if you know the associated email address.

I previously used 6325C3370B70177138ABF3086A957C9A9A9429F7, but no longer do.

Send me a tip

If you like the work I do, I would appreciate any support you’re able to give on Ko-Fi or Liberapay.

  • Monero: (most private!) 45i7M1FfXuBHLMdWm4ZTvFM5tGTSeibjEBpFSBCs2qbSRrHkUpKN5DRVK7T65hbg3WhGXepH7y6Xvb8XdxBmBS8V4AJXtyC
  • Bitcoin: bc1q3kr3qkzfjklajjgl3fssrqtlqtw89fufuwzg4e
  • Ethereum: 0xDe523fa235480707Ed54B39adA9c0B0eB4Bbc118