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Sep 8, 2023

Short Explanations (Episode 20)

I spoke with Chaim Cohen and Tom Webster of the Short Explanations podcast to share the story of how Privacy Guides was started and what sets our site apart from similar projects in the personal cybersecurity space. Privacy Guides with Jonah Aragon Listen on YouTube Rate on IMDb

Apr 13, 2023

The Watchman Privacy Podcast (Episode 62)

Niek de Wilde (a fellow Privacy Guides contributor) and I spoke with Gabriel Custodiet of Watchman Privacy about Privacy Guides, staying safe online, and other privacy-related topics. “Crowd-Sourced Digital Privacy:” Listen on YouTube

Feb 16, 2022

Is Firefox OK? (WIRED)

My opinion on Firefox and similar privacy-focused web browsers was sought as part of a larger WIRED story on the current state of Mozilla and Firefox: Read the full story on WIRED Read on Ars Technica […] Firefox’s privacy credentials are about as strong as any of its commercial rivals. “The main thing with Firefox is how extensible it is,” says Jonah Aragon, a system administrator who also helps run the recommendation website Privacy Guides....

Feb 4, 2022

Techlore Privacy Q&A Livestream

I participated in a livestreamed Q&A on the Techlore YouTube channel, answering viewer questions about privacy and security topics. Watch the stream on YouTube