Brief Statement Regarding

At some point, Marco Wollank, the operator of the “” website, published a defamatory blog post entitled: “Jonah Aragon’s (PrivacyGuides) Failed Attempt to Takeover”

The allegations presented in that blog post are completely false, and I am considering pursuing legal action.

Additionally, I left PrivacyTools in October 2020. The rest of the PrivacyTools team left to join me at Privacy Guides nearly a year later on their own accord. The only reason he blames me specifically is because he is so out of touch that he probably wasn’t even aware of everyone else that had been giving him free website content for years.

I am disappointed that someone would take advantage of their situation to attain as much personal profit for themselves as possible though lies and misleading advertising practices, at the expense of myself and the dedicated team of volunteer contributors at Privacy Guides, who have been working for years simply to provide the best advice for people seeking to protect their personal data. If you’re looking for privacy tools that are not mere paid recommendations, we will always have your back.

If you are interested in the actual history behind the team’s move to Privacy Guides involving Wollank’s (a.k.a. “BurungHantu”) total abandonment of the project for over a year, I invite you to read our FAQ on the subject.