Hi, I’m Jonah 👋

Jonah Aragon is a content creator and digital rights advocate focused on helping people develop sustainable ways to interact with technology and protect themselves online. Through his work on the Techlore YouTube channel, and as the founder of Privacy Guides, Jonah strives to empower people to take control over their digital data and identity, and feel safe using technology in their daily lives.

You can find Jonah online during episodes of the Techlore Talks podcast he co-hosts, on Techlore’s regular livestreams, and through his open-source work on GitHub.

Nov 22, 2023

Apple is finally resolving its green messages problem (Techlore Talks 15)

We talk about Apple finally supporting RCS and what that does (and doesn’t!) mean for the privacy and security of your messages, as well as usernames coming to Signal, whether Tuta is a honeypot, and more in the 15th episode of Techlore Talks! Listen on YouTube

Oct 26, 2023

Disappointing Updates From Google! (Techlore Talks 14 - LIVE)

We talk about several Google-related stories, some other privacy discussions, and host a live Q&A for this live episode of Techlore Talks. Listen on YouTube Rate on IMDb

Oct 15, 2023

Exciting Updates from Google! (Techlore Talks 13)

In which Henry and I discuss the Google Pixel event w/ 7 years of security updates on the new Pixel 8 series, Nextcloud’s open source conference in Berlin, the Pigeon app update for the Punkt MP01, Element X, Tailscale x Mullvad, and a lot more! Listen on YouTube Rate on IMDb

Sep 8, 2023

Short Explanations (Episode 20)

I spoke with Chaim Cohen and Tom Webster of the Short Explanations podcast to share the story of how Privacy Guides was started and what sets our site apart from similar projects in the personal cybersecurity space. Privacy Guides with Jonah Aragon Listen on YouTube Rate on IMDb

Sep 5, 2023

Digital Wallet Privacy & Security

Google Pay and Apple Wallet don’t work quite how most people expect. Can they be trusted to protect your privacy and security? I made this quick explainer to cover how both of these products work. Watch (and subscribe!) on YouTube Watch on PeerTube

Sep 3, 2023

Marking a Few Victories for Privacy! (Techlore Talks 12)

It’s been a couple of months, and we wanted to start with some recent positive privacy news. We also cover tons of other events like Google removing saved links, Debian turning 30, Punkt, Signal, app store malware, Red Hat, and more! Listen on YouTube Rate on IMDb

Sep 1, 2023

"Non-Binary" Memory? 48GB DDR5 SODIMM Modules

In which I upgrade my ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2023) model to 64GB RAM, thanks to non-binary DDR5 memory~ Watch (and subscribe!) on YouTube Watch on PeerTube

Jun 13, 2023

The Internet's Broken, Not Just Reddit (Techlore Talks 11)

Front-ends and third-party services still dependent on big tech companies are falling like flies - Reddit, Twitter, Invidious, Aurora - here’s why and what we need to do about it! We also discuss Debian 12, Proton’s (insane!) marketing, and Techlore Clips. Listen on YouTube