Hi, I’m Jonah 👋

Jonah Aragon is a content creator and digital rights advocate focused on helping people develop sustainable ways to interact with technology and protect themselves online. Through his work on the Techlore YouTube channel, and as the founder of Privacy Guides, Jonah strives to empower people to take control over their digital data and identity, and feel safe using technology in their daily lives.

You can find Jonah online during episodes of the Techlore Talks podcast he co-hosts, on Techlore’s regular livestreams, and through his open-source work on GitHub.

Mar 11, 2023

Quad9 vs Sony, The State of Linux Phones & More (Techlore Talks 7)

Today we discuss a lot of topics that were on our mind… Listen on Substack (TBA) Listen on YouTube 00:00 Introduction 00:25 Bluesky, Facebook’s Federated Platform, & others 03:27 Librem 5 Refund, & State of Linux Phones 08:05 Cerebral selling private health data 09:21 A lot on HIPAA… 15:11 Browser profiles, & Jonah’s Arc experience 19:11 South Park Worldwide Privacy Tour episode 21:12 F-Droid getting faster repo updates 21:36 Quad9 vs Sony court ruling...

Jan 13, 2023

Is There an Oversaturation of FOSS Projects? (Techlore Talks 6)

Are there too many open source projects? Or too many of the wrong type? Or is everything a-okay? Today we chat about what feels like the oversaturation of FOSS. Listen on Substack Listen on YouTube

Dec 10, 2022

Did Apple Just Fix iCloud's Security? (Techlore Talks 5)

Apple’s newest security & privacy changes, like E2EE for more iCloud services is here! But it’s not all great news. Listen on Substack Listen on YouTube

Oct 30, 2022

In Defense of Internet Anonymity

Despite its occasional abuse, anonymity online is a valuable privilege that cannot be given up nor taken for granted. In Techlore Talks #4, Henry and I discussed freedom of speech, anonymity on the internet, and the content moderation policies of online platforms. Certainly these are hot topics in this day and age, precisely because there are no clear-cut answers. In the episode, Henry posed the idea of a theoretical platform on the internet with strict identity verification, an idea which I feel has some merit: Anonymity online is too often abused in the modern day by malicious actors to spread disinformation and hateful ideas while skirting any potential consequences....

Oct 28, 2022

The Struggle of Moderating the Internet (Techlore Talks 4)

Social media moderation, deplatforming, freedom of speech, internet anonymity, and more! Welcome to Techlore Talks 4: where we unpack privacy & security concepts in free-form discussions! Listen on Substack Listen on YouTube 00:00 Introduction 00:55 Our stances on social media moderation 03:48 Do we have a right to be on social media services? 05:40 Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences 08:59 How anonymity impacts our behavior on the internet...

Oct 27, 2022

New Privacy and Security Features in macOS 13 Ventura

macOS Ventura was released this week, and the Apple users among us may be interested in the improvements it brings to your personal privacy and security. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version of your operating system available. Updates add privacy and security improvements all the time—and macOS Ventura is no exception. Some notable new additions to the macOS privacy ecosystem include: Lockdown Mode Rapid Security Responses Passkeys Let’s venture in and see what these updates will mean for you....

Oct 25, 2022

Brief Statement Regarding PrivacyTools.io

At some point, Marco Wollank, the operator of the “PrivacyTools.io” website, published a defamatory blog post entitled: “Jonah Aragon’s (PrivacyGuides) Failed Attempt to Takeover PrivacyTools.io” The allegations presented in that blog post are completely false, and I am considering pursuing legal action. Additionally, I left PrivacyTools in October 2020. The rest of the PrivacyTools team left to join me at Privacy Guides nearly a year later on their own accord. The only reason he blames me specifically is because he is so out of touch that he probably wasn’t even aware of everyone else that had been giving him free website content for years....

Oct 9, 2022

Cognitive Dissonance & Confirmation Bias (Techlore Talks 3)

How do cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias fit into privacy, security, FOSS, tech, and the world today? You all asked for more free-form, and here it is! Listen on Substack Listen on YouTube